Hire a Foreign Worker in Quebec

Certain foreign nationals who wish to enter Canada and work temporarily in the province of Quebec may be required to obtain permission from the province to do so. Consent is given through a Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ), which may be issued for a maximum of 36 months. Foreign nationals, whom require a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) to work in the province in the Quebec, will be required to obtain a CAQ.

It is important to note that a foreign national intending to work in Quebec will not require a CAQ if:

  • He or she is LMIA exempt (for example, because they qualify under a LMIA exempt work permit category such as the intra-company transferee category); or 
  • He or she has an offer of employment in Quebec of less than 30 days, regardless of the position’s National Occupation Classification (NOC) category.