Overcoming an Inadmissibility

In order to be allowed entry into Canada, or to be granted permanent resident status, a foreign national and their accompanying dependents, cannot be inadmissible to Canada. Some of the most common inadmissibility issues are related to criminality, serious medical issues, or misrepresentation.

Although a foreign national may be inadmissible due to criminality or medical grounds, there are different ways that one may try to overcome that inadmissibility, such as applying for a temporary resident permit (TRP) or for rehabilitation.

Overcoming inadmissibility due to misrepresentation is much more difficult, and normally involves having to wait several years before applying again to come to Canada.

Inadmissibility is a complex issue and will often require professional guidance. If you believe that you may be inadmissible to Canada, and would like to explore the options available to you, please contact us.